Collections management

MoveArtDesign registrars will inventory the items in your collection, including documenting measurements and photographing works, recording these details into your collections management account.

MoveArtDesign network of locations are able to offer a variety of solutions tailored to client requirements for storage term, accessibility and scale.  

  • Dedicated Registrar Services
  • Barcoding & Online Inventory Access
  • Online Activity Management

With this in mind clients collections can be housed within private vaults with every member location staffed by trained art handlers experienced in managing valued collections. 

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collections management

MoveArtDesign provides personalized administration so you can log, track and manage your prized fine art and luxury collectibles all in one place.


free ports

“Freeports” are areas where goods may be handled with less intervention from taxing and customs authorities. These areas are generally located in seaports and airports worldwide to facilitate international trade.

Generally, bonded warehouses are synonymous with freeports because freeports are merely clusters of bonded warehouses in one location.  

Storing art in freeports has security benefits. Freeports have evolved into areas with world-class state-of-the-art facilities that offer users both an immense security infrastructure and white-glove, museum-standard art amenities. The security infrastructure at freeports includes electronic monitoring and armed guards.

The services offered include controlled temperature and humidity storage, museum-quality handling and packing, restoration, conservation, insurance, shipping, bespoke showrooms, private viewing rooms and office space.