Fine Art Installation

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gallery services

  • Worldwide collection and delivery by road, air or sea.
  • Competitive prices whether shipping one piece or an entire exhibition or collection.
  • Climate controlled vehicles and storage facilities.
  • Expert packing and bespoke crate making by skilled carpenters.
  • Customs brokerage.
  • Full Coverage Insurance.​

fine art & sculpture

MoveArtDesign has over 50 years experience transporting fine art and sculpture around the world. Our professional members collect, pack & ship a single item to complex collections or exhibitions.

Fine Art Installation

art fairs

  • Full on-site installation by a team of professional art technicians.
  • Local warehouse storage facilities.
  • Materials available on site.
  • Experience in handling all forms of artwork.
  • Import and export documentation, customs clearance.
  • Customs bond.