MoveArtDesign has access to many fully stocked grip houses with multiple equipment options including:

  • Tungsten, HMI, Kino and LED and Profoto units, and photo or video camera packages.
  • 3 ton to 10 ton grip trucks with a driver or swing.
  • Arri, Mole-Richardson, Alexa, RED, Canon and many other brands.
  • Production equipment including steamers, garment racks, HMU stations, tables & chairs.


MoveArtDesign has access and connections to wide array of film stages, photo studios, event spaces, and locations that can satisfy just about any kind of shoot requirement.

MoveArtDesign registrars can handle booking logistics for one or more of these spaces for your production, and order all the equipment you need waiting for you on set. 

  • Single Wall Cyclorama Stages
  • Three Wall Cyclorama Stages
  • Loft Spaces
  • Aerial Film Locations
Viewing Rooms
Viewing Rooms

viewing rooms

MoveArtDesign fine art warehouses, offer many viewing room options, which are available for hire. 

These rooms can be designed to replicate your gallery or showroom. Many locations also offer full or partial front opening so you can gain natural light and space for long-range shots. 

MoveArtDesign uses private rooms for everything from photography shoots, appraisals, estate inspections and viewings, condition reporting and restoration.

private viewing & photo shoots

MoveArtDesign member fine art warehouses and studios offer many viewing room options, which are available for hire on a short and long term basis

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